Displacement is an acrostic poem about how the varied and various symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  can manifest themselves. It is also related to the repression of trauma, be it from torture, war, or otherwise.

displacement pic


Dreams, darting through a noisy mind,
Insensible, and in disguise, they are surely benign.
Shackled in a stream of warm air,
Pillowed from despair, means
Literal lies will remain in lieu
And there’ll be no wild field of all things taboo.                                                        
Can you imagine otherwise?
Eyelids fluttered as you’re ravished by his vacant smile.
Mangled limbs as he muscles in,
Eyeballs somersaulting.
Now you’re tangled within, and it’s
Too late to dissociate in that bloody ring


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